America Mission Inc. founded in 2023 to…

Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence founded America Mission™ in 2023 to answer a pressing question that so many of us have asked ourselves since Trump came on the scene.

“What can I do?” followed by “How exactly can I help?”…

And until now, there were few places a Republican and Conservative minded American could go to learn how to do something that is meaningful and will help the cause.

was born to answer that question.

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Our Founders: Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence

For more than a decade Jen and Dustin have been active in movement politics including leading roles during the Tea Party, at Breitbart News under Steve Bannon in the lead up to President Trump’s election in 2016, co-founding We Build The Wall, which successfully built miles of border wall in Anthony, New Mexico with private money in 2017, 2018, and 2019. We also served as lead organizers of the March For Trump DC events and national bus tours protesting Joe Biden’s installation in 2020.

Dustin and Jennifer Lawrence bring more than a decade of populist grassroots organizing and campaign experience to the creation of a NEW POLITICAL MOVEMENT.

Our relevant experience includes:

  • Leading role in the Tea Party Movement

  • Investigative Reporters at Breitbart News under Steve Bannon

  • Co-founders We Build The Wall, a grassroots movement to support President Trump and America by building border wall with private funds. And we built several miles of border wall in Anthony, NM, for a lot less than the government was spending per mile; and,

  • Lead Organizers of the March For Trump DC Rallies and Bus Tour following the 2020 election.

In case a Subscription feels like a big commitment, maybe even too much responsibility, we can accept, as a non-tax deductible gift, a few dollars or a few hundred as you feel appropriate. Click the link below.

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Ultimately, America Mission™ isn’t about us. No, we are here to support you, to build this movement, and to empower each and every American who is ready to serve their country, the confidence and ability to serve in a manner that works for them.

It is evident that corruption, greed, and propaganda are rampant in America today. Now that we KNOW this, we HAVE to do something about it!

We cannot rely on anyone else to save us. It’s our obligation to take the initiative and fight the evil people and organizations infecting our nation. That is our America Mission™!

This movement is CURRENTLY being built by like-minded American patriots just like you.

Will you Make America Your Mission, TODAY?


America needs YOUR unique talents and gifts, and we need them now. If you want to get involved, we ask that you Subscribe and then complete our AM Volunteer form.

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Legal: Disclaimer for America Mission™ Inc.

Please be advised that the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by guests during live events or spaces hosted by America Mission™ Inc. are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect the policies, positions, or directives of America Mission™ Inc. While we provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas, the views and statements made by guests are their personal opinions and are not endorsed by, nor do they represent the official stance or views of America Mission™ Inc. Our company is committed to fostering open and respectful dialogue but does not take responsibility for the individual opinions of our guests.

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