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Since it’s formation, America Mission™ has encompassed investigating and exposing all individuals who are complicit in the attempt to destroy our freedom. Our intent is to build a new force divorced from the corruption that plagues all status quo politics. Modeled after the most successful grassroots and political movements in history, we strive to revive the integrity of journalism and triumph in the culture war.

America Mission™ is the “entry point” for us to come together and build the infrastructure necessary for a movement focused on protecting our God given rights and the Constitution.

Information + education = Empowerment.

It’s been a work in progress and we have had successes and failures, a continuous “two steps forward, two steps back.” What has never waned is our determination and belief that in the end together we can bring America back to what our forefathers intended it to be. We are blessed to have such a wonderful group of followers, friends, and believers that have faithfully supported this fight.

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The Community So Far

XSpaces - the New Town Halls

The AMGrind

Most weekday mornings at 8am eastern, this early morning Space “supports communities with relevant facts and information, bringing together like minded folks to organize and effect change.”
Be sure to follow Patrick, Carol, Adam, and WC Dispatch to be notified of the scheduled spaces.

Manic Mondays

America Mission™ Manic Mondays are at 3pm eastern covers a variety of subjects depending on AM’s “theme of the week.” From Web3 to the chaos at the southern border, this is an ideal way to jump start your week.

Follow Commander Listless to be alerted when it’s scheduled for the week.

The Octagon

The Octagon is held on Tuesday nights at 6pm est. It is our “prime time drive home” show that anything can happen in. Are you ready to step inside The Octagon?!

Follow America Mission™ and Vinnie of PSP Podcast to be alerted when it’s scheduled for the week. Hosts and cohosts will vary.

The Mike & Destiny Super-Duper Show

  • Affiliates with America Mission™, we host their show on Rumble from 6pm - 8pm est on Wednesdays. Be sure to Follow MikeMac and Destiny to get alerted.

The AM MiD-Day Breakdown / 📢Breaking News

Part of our Mission is to educate and inform which can empower YOU. We have proved to you how facts have been kept from you, information suppressed and manipulated. These breaking news spaces are hosted by America Mission™, Dustin, Jenn, TrashDiscourse, Millie Weaver, Nick Sorter, Diligent Denizen, Phenomenology and others.

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Saturday Brunch with America Mission

  • Hosted by Patrick Rafferty, Brunch with AM is to wind down from the week, rant, rave and have some laughs

  • Click 👉🏼HERE👈🏼 to be notified of the scheduled space.

  • Times always subject to change based on breaking news!

AM Articles are archived HERE.
Links to various resources can be found HERE.
America Mission™ videos are uploaded to RUMBLE and PILLED.
For list of America Mission™ contact and platform links, click HERE.

Your Community, Your Town

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Qux® is “America's first Super App that gives you the opportunity to watch the videos you want, open a store with no monthly fees, and even become a content creator in a secure, fun, and exciting way.”

“You can watch TV without it
watching you.”


How does Qux® work?
Qux® is proprietary hardware, software and an operating system running on its own secure private network. Using custom search tools, Qux® can access content on other networks. Nothing on Qux® is accessible outside the Qux® network.

Rewind Twitter Space hosted by America Mission
Check out links, videos, chat and more HERE.


How do you to create a parallel economy that supports patriotic, American values with none of the woke?

Rewind Twitter Space hosted by Phenomenology
Check out links, videos, chat and more HERE.

Learn more:

  • Website PublicSq

  • “Sign up and start shopping quality products, services, and exclusive discounts from values-aligned businesses you can trust.

  • “Start selling at PublicSq and be with a community that supports your business, and your values.”

  • Follow PublicSq

  • Follow founder Michael Seifert

The Beef Initiative

“The Beef Initiative is a trade group that is focused on making food more localized, redundant and secure. We serve our customers by providing Market Access to producers and Consumers who understand the importance of food integrity. “

To learn more:


America Mission™ is bringing together people from independent various sectors who believe in Ownership, Sovereignty, Self-Determination and Individualism. Governments all over the globe are working to adopt a Central Bank Digital Currency that goes against those tenets. As outlined at the World Economic Forum, it’s end goal is truly a one world operation where every citizen is connected digitally so group of elitists can monitor behaviors and enforce their agendas whose byproduct is the destruction of the individual.

The fight against such a tyranny includes what is termed “Web3.” In simple terms, this refers to the third generation of the internet. It represents a vision of a more decentralized and user-centric internet where individuals have greater control over their online identity, data, and interactions. Here are some key aspects:

  1. Decentralization: Unlike the traditional web (Web 2.0), which relies on centralized servers and platforms controlled by big companies, Web3 aims to distribute power and control. It leverages technologies like blockchain and decentralized networks to eliminate the need for intermediaries and central authorities.

  2. Blockchain Technology: Web3 heavily relies on blockchain, a secure and transparent digital ledger, to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions, record data, and establish trust without a central authority. This enables various decentralized applications (DApps) and cryptocurrencies to function.

  3. Ownership of Data: In Web3, users have more control over their personal data. They can choose how, when, and where to share their data, and they may even be able to monetize it directly, rather than tech companies profiting from it without their consent.

  4. Digital Identity: Web3 promotes the idea of self-sovereign digital identity, meaning users have full control over their online personas and can verify their identity without relying on centralized identity providers.

  5. Interoperability: Web3 aims to make different DApps and platforms compatible and interconnected, allowing data and value to flow seamlessly between them.

  6. Tokenization: Digital assets and tokens are a fundamental part of Web3. These tokens can represent ownership in a digital or physical asset, access to a service, or other forms of value.

  7. Smart Contracts: These are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. They automate processes and ensure trust in transactions without the need for intermediaries.

In essence, Web3 is about shifting control and ownership back to individuals and creating a more open, decentralized, and user-centric internet where people have greater autonomy and transparency in their online activities. It's an evolving concept that holds the promise of reshaping how we interact and transact on the internet.

Saving History, Saving the Truth

What many people have come to realize is that “what is shared on the internet is forever” is not always the case. Who controls the systems that hold the data will determine what is and what isn’t saved for current and future generations as digital history. Physical copies of books and documents are harder to come by so we are forced to turn to “Mother Google” for information. Mother Google has been severally compromised by governments who are only interested in archiving “their truth”.

One such organization that helps you to preserve the digital past is the DARA Project Blockchain Archive service.

Empowering People to Make Real Political Change

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